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Thursday Bible Study

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.
— 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Join us for our Thursday evening systematic theology class led by our Pastor, Rev. Don Baker. God's Word is coherent and without contradiction, so our theology should be, too!

We meet every Thursday at 7:00 PM and finish around 8:30 PM. Bring your dinner, and come earlier at 6:30 PM for a time of fellowship.

Here is an abbreviated summary and schedule* of the topics that will be discussed:

Bibliology (April 2024)                                                                        

  • Revelation

  • The Inspiration of Scripture

  • The Preservation of Scripture

  • The Authority of Scripture

  • The Word as a Means of Grace

Theology Proper (May - June 2024)

  • The Existence of God

  • The Being and Attributes of God

  • Divine Simplicity

  • The Trinity

  • Inseparable Operations

  • The Sovereignty of God

  • The Decrees of God

  • The Glory of God

Anthropology (July 2024)

  • The Creation of Man

  • The Imago Dei

  • The Fall of Man

  • Human Nature

  • The Effects of Sin

  • Human Destiny

Soteriology (August - October 2024)

  • Election and Predestination

  • Calling (General and Effectual)

  • Regeneration

*These dates are approximate and are subject to change. Please join us for Worship on Sunday; the topic for each week will be announced during the announcements at the start of the 2:30 PM service.

Soteriology (cont.)​

  • Union with Christ

  • Justification

  • Adoption

  • Sanctification

  • Perseverance of the Saints

  • Limited Atonement

  • The Sacraments

  • Glorification

Ecclesiology (November 2024)

  • The Nature of the Church

  • The Marks of the Church

  • The Offices of the Church

  • Church Discipline

  • Church Government

  • Worship

  • The Priesthood of All Believers

  • The Church as the Kingdom of God

Eschatology (December 2024 - January 2025)

  • Views of the Millenium

  • The Second Coming of Christ

  • The Resurrection

  • The Final Judgement

  • Heaven and Hell

  • The Intermediate State

  • New Heavens and New Earth

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