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Children of the Covenant

But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear him, and his righteousness to children’s children, to those who keep his covenant and remember to do his commandments. — Psalm 130:17-18

Are children members of the church?

The children of believers are, through God’s covenant and by right of birth, non-communing members of the church. Hence they are entitled to Baptism, and to the pastoral oversight, instruction and government of the church, with a view to their embracing Christ and thus possessing personally all benefits of the covenant. Children of parents who become members are considered non-communicant members in the same fashion and should be baptized if they have not already been. Baptism is not to be unnecessarily delayed.


Can children partake in communion?

In order to become a communicant member of the church, one must make profession of faith before the elders of the church so that the session might determine its soundness. A credible profession of faith includes a testimony of conversion marked by repentance and personal faith in Christ, an understanding of the person and work of Christ as it is set forth in the gospel, a commitment to obey the commands of God, and a proper understanding of the sacraments. Having been examined by the elders of the church, the believer then makes public profession of faith before the congregation by taking vows of communicant church membership.


How can children be involved in the church?

Partaking in the worship service with the rest of the congregation is a key aspect to children’s participation in the church. Covenant encourages families to worship together and you can expect to hear the sounds of our youngest members throughout the service. Parents are able to take infants to the unstaffed nursery at the back of the sanctuary during the service as needed, but our desire is to have families together in worship as much as possible. The church offers Sunday school for children ages 2 and up during the small group time after the service, and children enjoy fellowship with members of the church young and old before and after the service. It is our desire that our children have the opportunity to partake in all the blessings of the church community.


Is childcare provided during the service?

Covenant Church encourages families to worship together. The nursery is not staffed during the worship service. We have two sofas in the sanctuary intended for families with small children who may need a little more space to lay down, rest or sit and listen during the service. The nursery room is also open for parents to go with their children age 2 and under. Staffed nursery is provided on an as needed basis during the small group time for babies under the age of 2.


How can I help care for children at Covenant?

Raising our covenant children in the Lord is a responsibility of the entire congregation. Remembering our children in prayer is one way we can all serve, and there are opportunities to teach Sunday School, provide childcare, and lead children in worship or other activities. Children learn a lot by watching others. Our words, actions, and participation in the church will be observed and emulated by our youngest members.

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